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  • TT Services (TTS) is a collection agent for visa applications on behalf of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) in Moscow. TTS collects applications, passports, and all other related documents at three visa centres located in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Vladivostok.
  • TTS provides secure delivery service to bring applications safely and reliably to and from INZ, Moscow branch for processing. Every application consigned to TTS for delivery is traceable on TTS website ttsnewzealand.ru. TTS provides access to current Immigration forms and pamphlets free of charge and can provide answers to general questions about these documents.
  • TTS is responsible for the following on behalf of INZ:
    • Collecting all types of visa applications and confirming and recording the documents entrusted to them for delivery;
    • Accepting the application processing fee on behalf of INZ;
    • Collecting any additional information related to visa applications submitted by customers via TTS;
    • Returning dispatches from INZ, including passports for customers who used TTS.
  • The fee for the service is fixed at:
    - 1,150 Roubles per application form from any of the TTS centres or drop off points. In addition to any INZ Visa fee that may be applicable.

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