The Following Public Holidays Will Be Observed For 2010
Day Date Name of Holiday
1 January Friday     New Year's Day
6 January Wednesday Russian New Year holiday week
(Ministry Holiday)
7 January Thursday Russian Orthodox Christmas
(Ministry Holiday)
8 January Friday Russian New Year holiday week
(Ministry Holiday)
23 February Tuesday Motherland Defender Day
8 March Monday International Women’s Day
02 April Friday Good Friday
3 May Monday In lieu Labour Day (1 May)
10 May Monday In lieu Victory Day (9 May)
14 June Monday In lieu Independence Day (12 June)
4 November Thursday National Unity Day
27 December Monday In lieu Christmas Day (25 December)
28 December Tuesday In lieu Boxing Day (26 December)
31 December (pm) Friday Half day on eve of Public Holiday
(Closed for visitors)

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