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But, he would feel super bad about what happened. Now time for the scenario! It was in the late evening and all the participants of Mix and Match had gone to the dorms, all except your boyfriend Kim Bobby. Who seemed to have forgotten your plans to hang out after his practice was over. However, you understood since he had told you how much this competition meant to him and everyone else, so you just let him be. As time dragged on, you began to doze off only to be awoken by the sound of footsteps approaching.

Seohyun dating?!?!?!

YG Entertainment They say that the road to success is never smooth. This saying goes for every idol group in the Kpop scene. After training for years, they were subjected to survival programs.

Oct 14,  · HANBIN OFFICIAL GIRLFRIEND. Category People & Blogs; Song What You Doing (오늘모해) Artist.

Share The original name of B. I is Kim han bin. He was born on october 22 in south korea. He is a good rapper, composer and lyricist of iKON. On january he joined as a trainee in YG entertainment. He and his friends laid the foundation informing the Team B group comprising of six members. This team was revealed to public in a stage show hosted by Mnet survival program.

I has no girlfriend yet. He is a devoted guy. He has not experienced in dating a girl. Ex Girlfriend He is dedicated to his work so he is not much diverted by girls. His Ideal type of woman he likes determined and goal oriented girl.

[HOT] iKON’s Bobby rumored to be Dating with Model Lee Seo Yoon

The group was launched by YG Entertainment and has seven male members at the moment. It proved to be a super hit as they have sold more than , albums by March Speculations have gained weight since they have been spotted together twice. The first time they were seen shopping together at renowned Edit Shop.

Dating B.I Would Include “can i request a “dating would include” with hanbin of ikon? thanks!” “Could you do a dating would include with hanbin please?” Wow! he’s a popular boy. i try to write; requests are CLOSED // i am just a humble 99′ liner trying to fulfill ur kpoop needs.

This is a continuation of the prequel, so if you’ve read it already, go to the next one! Hayi looked through her songs of playlist and chose one that she thought would mute the outside world. With her headphones already glued to her ears, she selected the song ‘Waiting for Me’ and put the volume on max. Jinhwan’s smooth voice flowed through her ears and she closed her eyes to let the song engulf her completely. It was one of her ways that made her sane and choosing the song was not mainly because her boyfriend is the leader and backbone of iKon.

She appreciated the song as a musician, and as a sunbae, even if she hated the idea of them treating her like one. Not that they ever did. The boys of iKon looked at her as ‘Hayi nuna’ or just ‘Hayi. She remembered the first time she heard the song. It was on a unprecedentedly bright autumn right in the very headquarters of YG Entertainment. She could vividly remember the eager tone Hanbin had when he urged her to come to the producing room that day immediately. She had reasoned that she might be busy due to practices and concerts but of course, Hanbin didn’t listen.

He never did when it came to showing her his new songs.

iKON Scenarios~

Three hours, three miserable hours you have had to listen to the annoying ticking sound in silence, alone. You glanced at the clock for the millionth time and immediately a sigh left your lips. It was almost 12 a. Today was supposed to be a special night for the two of you. It was planned a moth ago and you waited for this day with so much excitement but now you felt sad, disappointed, you even felt like crying.

Hanbin/B.I; Originally posted by baeky-v. Harbin would love someone naturally cute and sweet, but I think he could handle a fierce girl as well (but not as much!) As a boyfriend, I think he’d be the sweet and cheesy one, but just a warning, extremely jealous and ’d be busy most of the time but when he could, he would shower you with all the love.

Kota meets all of BTS for the first time, since his debut. Sharing a strong dislike toward Yoongi who returns the mutual feeling. Did I tell you guys Kota like highkey hated Yoongi before they started dating? Kota rolled his eyes. Kota scoffed, walking out of the room. It looks like you two have history. Even if I did, I would remember him. He has a rememberable tone. I would remember talking to him.

Who Has a Girlfriend in iKON?

I personally think that I went a bit overboard but yeah I am always like that so I hope you enjoy and I apologize about any errors. Despite his busy schedule, he would always make sure to make time for you and visits you every now and then. You would like to make this night special and Hanbin should be more than satisfied once he tastes your prepared food. You grabbed the kimchi from the fridge and put it on top of the kitchen counter. You began stirring while you drop the potatoes and meat on the pot.

You closed the lid and went to the kitchen counter to clean some of the mess that you have created while chopping and preparing.

Lee Hyemi is currently a trainee in SM Ent. and she’s been dating Kim Hanbin for a few months now. They first met backstage at Music Bank when Hyemi was doing a special.

They had been pestering me to come with them for weeks now. I, having nothing to do I decided to go. I tried making an effort in my outfit. I wore a tight cropped black dress with red platform heels. Ya, you heard right I landed me a pretty nice fella. We have been dating for five years now.

Mr. Wrong.

When you want to talk to them, Hanbin yell at you. You get angry and crying, and he regretted it. You were actually happy in a relationship, which was pretty much new for you. Hanbin had been the perfect boyfriend.

been in a hanbin mood for um 3 years so here goes. works endlessly and so damn hard; writes/produces/composes for not just ikon but other groups (ex. whistle by .

I Kim Hanbin Word Count: He also gets a little bit jealous and more than a little bit cheeky. But, it means I come out a slightly improved writer, so creative criticism welcomed! Also, sorry about the fried chicken references. If you need grocery money I can send you some. I bet you regret moving out, already! You toss your phone on your bed and head to the bathroom to wash your face. If your memory served you correctly, he should be at his part-time job right now.

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