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Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines Request: Can I request an Imagine for Young! James Potter X Cheerleader Reader. Can it be fluffy, funny, and cute? Thank you so much!! McGonagall strolled into classed as you got your parchment out. Your heads shot up. You turned your gaze back towards McGonagall and nodded unsurely. The password is…the password is…Raspberry jam. The three of you hopped out of your seats and started making your way towards the door.

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Downtown London, England Time: She loved her mum to pieces of course, but her grandmother was staying with them and Lily and her grandmother mixed about as well as oil and water. To top it all off, Petunia and her slug of a husband had been coming around every day as well. Sometimes they would even bring Vernon’s sister, Marge. Neither Lily, her mum or her grandmother enjoyed the company of Marge Dursley.

If you haven’t, it’s an off-Broadway play in NYC, and it’s the Harry Potter series told through the point of view of the Hufflepuffs at school with Harry. Here’s more info on their website (A). I saw it last summer, and it’s honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

When they go to Fairy Godmother with their fears, she decides to help them figure out the truth- but no one is quite prepared for just what truths their search uncovers. Story adopted from Lightning-Lex Rated high T for later content. Descendants, – Rated: These will vary in length a lot. Last Airbender – Rated: T – English – Chapters: He has a chance to change so much and not just his relationship with Lily. Will he be successful or will fated circumstances be doomed to repeat themselves Harry Potter – Rated: Cursed Kiss by alwaysZutarian reviews Cursed to live with the body of a fearsome beast, Zuko hid from a cruel world that would not hesitate to destroy him, consumed with rage for those who had betrayed him, resigned to a lifetime of solitude.

But then a ray of hope came in the form of a beautiful, blue-eyed woman.


So in honor of this too-good-to-be-true romantical pairing, we’ve used our brain-hats to sort some other “Potter” singletons into relationship bliss. Here’s who should hit up Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop to get to know each other a little better: Bill Weasley and Cho Chang. Getty Domhnall Gleeson is going to need someone steady by his side as his career explodes with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and we think Katie Leung — who went to school for art and design in London, and performs regularly onstage — is just the woman for the job.

Lily Evans has been distracted lately and it’s all because of James Potter and his stupid, unbuttoned shirt. Hardly any fluff, but plenty of shirtless James for everybody. Seventh year fic.

Edit James was seen going to Hogwarts on 1 September , with his brother Albus , who was just starting his first year. James, being the oldest child, had already been attending Hogwarts, he started Hogwarts in September Contemporaries at school include his cousins Victoire and Rose , as well as Draco Malfoy ‘s son Scorpius , though they are in different years. When his family was gathered to see him and his brother off at King’s Cross Station on 1 September, , James interrupted his cousin Victoire snogging Teddy Lupin , and then ran off to tell his family and other relatives.

He was disappointed when they did not react strongly. In , James also stole the Marauder’s Map from his father’s desk drawer. By the Epilogue, James was 13 years old, meaning, he was in his third year of Hogwarts. This year he made friends with Ralph Dolohov and Jason Jordan , and also managed to join the group of pranksters and criminals who prowl the night of Hogwarts called Gremlins.

James also tried to be chosen for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but failed to do what Ethan Humberstone called “the flight lunatic and suicidal on the broom. He was angry when his younger brother was sorted into Slytherin, but after talking to Albus, he decided it was best not to disrupt more and accept the facts. During Christmas he received a letter from his parents reporting that they knew that it was he who stole the Marauder’s Map, but there were no consequences since it was an important holiday and his parents had presented Albus with a new broomstick.

Later James was part of the M Squad, in which aimed to spread chaos through Hogwarts.

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DobbyElfLord Harry Potter is sent to prision for a crime he did commit. Now they need their hero back but he’s lost all interest in saving them. They threw him away and now its going to cost them. This story is targeted for older readers and definitely earns the M Rating for violence, language and suggestive situations. It is not like my other works.

You had been dating James Sirius Potter, The Harry Potter’s eldest son since last Christmas, in your fourth year, now you were in fifth, with OWL’s approaching it was nervous year. Not as nervous as this.

James Potter’s house, Presteigne, England Time: If you could even call it that. She felt like she was underdressed, and the house looked as though she might accidentally run into the Minister of Magic, or the Queen of England. Normal people didn’t live in houses like this. Not that James was normal per say… She took a deep breath and knocked on one of the large oak doors that was almost twice as tall as her own front door, and filled with colorful glass paneling.

Soon, a woman that looked to be in her late sixties or early seventies answered the door with a smile. The woman quickly closed the door behind her. The woman looked old enough to be James’ grandmother.

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And the only way she can save their relationship is by getting him in bed with Lily herself. Will you stop being so paranoid, for just two seconds? James glared at him. He hadn’t been staring. He had merely glanced down the table where the beautiful redhead was eating dinner with some of the other Gryffindor girls.

Ask James Potter, a dark sadistic wizard, who wants to dominate Severus Snape no matter the cost. After discovering his secret – Severus is a male bearer on the 20th October , as James saved him. James had developed a plan to make the elusive snake his. 3 weeks, on the 14th November , later Abraxas and Lucius Malfoy came to Hogwarts to.

The Motion Picture , Spock realizes that emotions “play an important part in the richness of life”. In a particular scene from the film, Spock, lying down in sickbay, clasps Kirk’s hand and says that he understands “this simple feeling”. Woledge points out that both the gesture and the words are “ambiguous”, and can be interpreted as homoerotic. Eye contact and gestures throughout the series have also been cited as being part of a homoerotic subtext in their relationship.

The Motion Picture co-written by Gene Roddenberry , a footnote was added where Kirk addresses a rumor that he and Spock were lovers: I was never aware of this ‘lovers’ rumor, although I have been told that Spock encountered it several times. I have always found my best gratification in that creature called woman. Also, I would not like to be thought of as being so foolish that I would select a love partner who came into sexual heat only once every seven years.

Shore Leave also contained a back massage scene where Kirk believes that he is being massaged by Spock. It consisted of a sex scene but was written to not identify its participants nor make both of their sexes clear; Marchant stated in the next issue, however, that they were Kirk and Spock. This led to a quantity of fan fiction about the show focusing on the relationships between characters on the show, with less of an emphasis on science-fictional elements.

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If he didn’t, she wouldn’t be shy and scared. Sierra used to happy. But ever since the Yule Ball, when Fred brought her, and he got back with his ex-girlfriend Angelina, Sierra has refused to open up. When Angelina leaves Fred, he seeks comfort No one knows that Lily Evans doesn’t really hate James Potter with every fiber in her or that Remus Lupin is a werewolf Bar the Marauders or that Dumbledore doesn’t choose the head boy and girl each year or that Sirius Black is best friend’s with Holly, an invisibl Who would have thought in this life threatening game of cat and mouse, she would have found a

Lily Evans has had a crazy six years at Hogwarts Witchcraft & Wizardry; she cried, screamed, laughed, blushed, and well, hated. Who you ask? That’s easy, James s:

Library, Hogwarts, Scotland Time: She still hadn’t worked up the courage to tell her friends that she fancied James, though she had a new sneaking suspicion that they didn’t need telling either. They had eyes after all. And he was heading in her direction. James reached their table and fell into a chair across from the two girls. Throwing the flowers on the table and crossing his arms over his chest, he set his frosty gaze on Lily.

She had no idea what could have happened to make him look at her like he was, but she could feel herself getting defensive, and he hadn’t even said anything yet. The last time they had been alone, was only a couple of days ago, when they were playing that stupid, ‘would you rather’ game, and nothing at all had transpired in the previous two days to warrant James looking at her like he was. They hadn’t had a good fight in a long while and if he kept this up, their peace streak was about to end.

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No one knows that Lily Evans doesn’t really hate James Potter with every fiber in her or that Remus Lupin is a werewolf Bar the Marauders or that Dumbledore doesn’t choose the head boy and girl each year or that Sirius Black is best friend’s with Holly, an invisibl After that her brother began to ignore her. When suddenly one day in 5th year James realizes at the annual Slytherin vs.

Gryffindor Quidditch match, that his little sister is the Slytherin Keeper. And soon James begins to try and fix the m Harry Potter or Jack Hardy?

These “Harry Potter” actors should pull a Luna Lovegood and James Potter and date in real life.

You couldn’t believe you had agreed to do this… You hadn’t spoken to him for the rest of the week, “James. You smiled at that and lay your head on his shoulder. Perhaps – Definitely not! Not as nervous as this. How James managed to persuade you to spend this Christmas with his family and the Harry Potter, was beyond your belief. You rolled your eyes but your heart was hammering as three people came into view, his little sister Lily, his mother Ginny, and his father Harry Potter!

They embraced him and Albus when they reached them, their wiggly little sister jumping on them when they released their parents. Then, they all turned to you You tentatively waved a hand and smile nervously, laughing nervously.

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